The Coaching Agreements & Expectations

It’s important to work together with clarity to achieve the goals, here are the Agreements and Expectations we discuss up front:
The time we set aside to work together is limited and valuable. Appreciating that, we agree to honor our commitment to this process and “show up” ready to work as scheduled.
Confidentiality about what is discussed at our coaching sessions is assured. Being open about concerns, hopes, and challenges is required. Together we will build a trusting professional relationship.
Coaching is a process of discovery that elicits feelings of vulnerability. Keeping this in mind, we are willing to go through a learning curve and stretch ourselves in support of achieving success.
Coaching is not counselling or therapy and does not dwell on the past. Coaching sets clear, achievable objectives and focuses on removing roadblocks or instituting solutions. We agree to bring a sense of forward motion and creativity to achieve success.

Phase 1 Identify Priorities
Coaching seeks to add the most value. To do this I will support you to identify your key priorities. We will explore what appears at the surface level and dig a little deeper to ensure a good understanding.

Phase 2 Set the Bar for Success
I will support you to identify what success will look like and how you want to measure achievement in the short, medium and long term.

Phase 3 Implement Actions and Practices

You will lay out a plan of action and the resources that will support you as you move forward.

Ongoing Encouraging Sounding Board
As a client, you have me as a member of your support team going forward. Even after we complete a coaching contract, I am available to connect as needed.