6 Simple Rules for Getting Back to Work After Covid

Is it just me or does 2021 feel like we’re emerging from a cocoon? A highly technologized one! Now that we’re reaching the tipping point and workplaces, social gatherings, and life in general is opening up again, I’ve collected a list of 6 Simple Rules for Getting Back to Work After Covid

  1. Notice the Beauty of a 3-Dimensional World – we spent way too much time in front of screens during the pandemic. Now we are out and about again, take note of the beauty in simple things – a pair of earrings at a jewelry store, the weave of a workmate’s handmade sweater, the detail of a chef’s plated meal. Noticing the beauty in the simple, opens us up to the complex.
  2. Build on Your Innovativeness – we all had to “pivot” (the most overused word along with ZOOM) and that required us to be flexible, creative and collaborative to achieve success. Reflect on what you did to get through the pandemic; with your family and your work-team. Remind yourself how you put innovation, a highly sought-after skill, into service. Keeping that skill active is important for your and your team’s growth.
  3. Keep Appreciation Alive – although the 7PM salute itself faded away; the appreciation for our front-line workers was steadfast throughout the pandemic. Appreciation for the efforts of others fuels our sense of community. Make a point every day of showing intentional and sincere appreciation for someone else’s efforts and also for your own hard work and dedication.
  4. Reclaim your Home – Even if you are planning to be working from home going forward, ensure you have not slipped into living at work. If you haven’t done this already, set up boundaries where home-time can be enjoyed without being reminded of all the work left to do (because work is never done). Your living space is unique to you – love it!
  5. Reclaim your Workspace – If you are returning to a location that’s been vacant for a bit, make it fresh again. Whether it’s a piece of art, a plant, a new photo or inspiring quote, bring in something that says, “I’m back and I intend to be (joyful/productive/happy/creative etc. your resonating word here)”. Splurge a little if you can. If it’s a shared workspace, décor ideas are a great opportunity to open a conversation with team-mates.
  6. Post-Trauma Support – This pandemic has impacted everyone in various ways and degrees. Some have lost loved ones, had economic strain, struggled with managing children throughout. Do not assume you know someone’s story nor presume you are entitled to it. Compassion for others when they open up including listening without judgement and being aware of your own needs will help increase gentle sensitivity in your workplace. Ensure that professional supports are available – a list of resources, websites, articles that can help individuals and teams.

Wishing you all the best as you continue working. If you are interested in talking about practical solutions as you grow your career and lead your team, click here to book a free coaching conversation. You can also visit me at www.getpracticalcoaching.com.