Emerging Leader Program – Explore Your Path

As an Emerging Leader you are ready for more! More confidence, more tools, more direction. If you are aged 18-30 then this opportunity to work with a leadership coach is a great way to sort out your goals, identify your strengths and develop your personal leadership style. This one to one coaching program touches on the types of leadership skills you want to develop to walk your own life’s path and lead others.

Together with your coach you will select from a variety of tools and resources specifically tailored for you. The program includes six 1:1 coaching conversations of 40 minutes each (scheduled to suit your timetable) and you will leave with a roadmap and toolkit.

Entry into the program is open to global participants aged 18-30. Enrollment begins with a free intake conversation to ensure each participant is ready to invest in themselves. Once enrolled, the program is only $39.99 but spaces are limited!

For more information send an email to info@getpracticalcoaching.com or use our BOOK NOW to schedule a no-obligation intake conversation.